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The surreal life

So earlier this afternoon my fine editor at Harper sent me a couple of copies of “Boys Will Be Boys” on CD. Just released by Tantor Audio, the thing retails for (yikes!) $37.99 and includes a whopping 13 discs. Hmm, do I sound like a Time•Life commercial featuring Rick Springfield for “Superstars of the ’80s”?

Anyhow, in a fit of ego I put one of the discs in my car’s CD player tonight and listened while driving to the gym. Soooooo weird, I can’t even begin to explain. It’s narrated (wonderfully, I’ve gotta say) by a man named Arthur Morey, and just hearing your passages—word by word—come from someone else’s lips is truly surreal.

I won’t make it through all 13 (or, to be honest, all one—to have lived the writing experience is more than enough), but it was pretty cool. A nice moment.