Day One


Well, the book came out today. That was nice.

It was a long day. Lots of interviews, including one tonight in the XM studio and another with Gary Apple on SNY’s Sportsnite. There’s a certain rhythm to answering the same questions 200 times in a very short span, and I have yet to hit any sort of stride. I feel disjointed and off, and need to get my act together. Man, do I sound like John Maine after an outing, or what?

On the bright side, the pub has been pretty good. Four different huge sports sites have run excerpts, here, here, here and here. That’s one thing I’ve learned in doing this a few times—online excerpts trump all, because they provide an instant link to the Amazon page. You can hear a great interview while driving to work, arrive and forget about the whole thing within minutes. But that quick click is invaluable.

Speaking of invaluable, did anyone read about that horrible plane crash in Montana, where those three families were killed? I’ve been down a bit lately, and I need to snap out of it, look at my beautiful two little tykes as they sleep tonight, then wake up with a smile.

Because, with 14 slated interviews (including 1:05 with Jim Rome—a guy I really enjoy/respect), it’s gonna be an arduous day …