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Googling yourself


I find few things to be quite so addictive as Googling myself in the weeks following a book release. I like to think it’s human nature—you know people will be writing about your work, so why not read their words?

Well, here’s a reason not to.

I’m actually not bothered by the review (otherwise, I probably wouldn’t post the link to it). Sometimes my initial reaction to stuff like this is anger, but then I get real: If I’m willing to bash movies or athletes or singers or TV shows or … whatever, well, why shouldn’t people be allowed to bash me?

In fact, a few years ago I pretty much stopped writing book reviews, because it just didn’t seem right for me to criticize others in a profession I’m trying to master (master is obviously the wrong word here, but you get the idea). I just don’t feel comfortable slamming the literary work of others, when I know how insanely difficult and consuming and heartbreaking it can be.

I’m babbling.

Point is, if you wanna read a really harsh review of my stuff, here it is.