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I find few things to be quite so addictive as Googling myself in the weeks following a book release. I like to think it’s human nature—you know people will be writing about your work, so why not read their words?

Well, here’s a reason not to.

I’m actually not bothered by the review (otherwise, I probably wouldn’t post the link to it). Sometimes my initial reaction to stuff like this is anger, but then I get real: If I’m willing to bash movies or athletes or singers or TV shows or … whatever, well, why shouldn’t people be allowed to bash me?

In fact, a few years ago I pretty much stopped writing book reviews, because it just didn’t seem right for me to criticize others in a profession I’m trying to master (master is obviously the wrong word here, but you get the idea). I just don’t feel comfortable slamming the literary work of others, when I know how insanely difficult and consuming and heartbreaking it can be.

I’m babbling.

Point is, if you wanna read a really harsh review of my stuff, here it is.

3 thoughts on “Googling yourself”

  1. I was heartbroken when my first book came out and I read a negative review at Amazon… but then I realized that everyone gets dumped on. Check out the reviews for classics like Bill James’ Historical Abstract (“Bill James has completely lost it”), or “When Pride Still Mattered” (“cluttered with pointless detail”), or Friday Night Lights (“This book is severely tedious… You are better off watching the movie”). Seriously.

    Ignore the harshest critics. You’ll never please them.

  2. Not to demean the profession of blogging, but the book review (tomato) stands as the reason why blog criticism means nothing. His motivation was to slam you to get hits. You can’t take this kind of stuff personally, because he’s doing it for the views. He doesn’t even know if he liked your book or not, he has a mission. I thought that he cited some very well-written passages and as someone working on an English undergraduate degree while writing for sports at the school paper, I thought your rhetoric was fresh and something not usually brought into sports writing.
    Don’t forget that you get paid to write columns and books, while this guy has to beg to get put on some half-ass blog. There’s a reason I read this everyday, so keep up the good work because you motivate me to be a better writer. Thanks.

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