Dog vomit


My dog Norma has vomited two times today.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to share such information with those reading this site, other than that it seems much more bold than writing about, oh, the Mets.

More important than vomit, “The Rocket That Fell to Earth” received two nice reviews in the past few days—here and here.

Going back a few posts, I must admit the review from that blog did sort of irk me. Again, not the content, per se. Guy has a right to say whatever he wants. But, especially as I get older and spend more time doing this, I have come to loathe snark.

Snark is, quite often, the way of the blogger. We all can be snarky, obviously, but it seems there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers in this country who learned how to write by watching SportsCenter in the mid-90s, when every other comment was sarcastic and biting and nutrition-less. If you read the review again, you can feel the snark all but dripping off the guy’s pen—he didn’t merely want to trash a book; he wanted to do so in the snarky, smug way that screams, “I’m really, really, really smart! Look how smart I am! I’m smart! See, I’m smart! Smart! Smart! Smart!”

Technically, nothing’s wrong with that. It’s a style, and sometimes it works. But if you’re gonna thrash someone else as a crap writer, well, I’d suggest developing a more unique—and honest—voice. Snark is impactful, but it’s woefully unoriginal.

Actually, scratch that: As I noted in my original post, I don’t believe in thrashing people as crap writers at all. This s— is hard, and even if you think you’re an 8,000,000,000 times better writer than I am (certainly a possibility), one should respect the effort and time put into a book, or newspaper article, or magazine piece, or … whatever.


3 thoughts on “Dog vomit”

  1. totally agree with you pearlman. that guy was on an intellectual ego trip. i read it once. i dont want to read it ever again. i bet we will never read a positive book review from that snark because he probably isn’t able to find good qualities in other people’s writings. anything that doesn’t live up to that guy’s godly and almighty standards is going to get ripped apart under a microscope. what he wrote seemed way to personal to be taken seriously.
    hey jeff, you must have wronged somebody back in the day and they have yet to get their writing published professionally. then you go and write a book about their childhood here who turned out to be a complete jerk off. the snark finally got his two cents in i guess.

  2. To be honest I didnt know the term snark. Sarcastic, arrogance, those terms I understand and see in alot of writings, but I am not sure I see such evidence in the reviews..Maybe I miss something which is highly probable, but I ve yet to read ur book so to be fair I’ll wait until thats accomplished prior to rendering any judgement. I agree with one thing; writing is hard work, some just have a knack for it, and some don’t. I am one that does not..

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