Costas with a K


I don’t really want to use this blog to give shout-outs, but I’m making an exception right now.

When my last book, “Boys Will Be Boys,” came out, HarperCollins assigned me a very nice, very friendly, very well-intentioned publicist … who seemed to know absolutely nothing about sports. This was made painfully clear to me when I looked at a memo he sent out about my pending appearance on the “Bob Kostas Show.”

Yes, he spelled Costas with a K.

After the pain subsided and HarperCollins brought in a great outsider to help, I was able to laugh. If I ever learn to play an instrument, then grow my hair really long, then take large quantities of mood-altering drugs, then form a band, it will be named “Costas With a K.” We will only play songs by Spandau Ballet, we will dress in all-purple, we will travel everywhere by horse and buggy and we will rock the house like a bunch of … wait! I digress.

What I’m trying to say is, this time, I’ve been done right. Kate Blum, my Harper-assigned publicist, is as good as I’ve ever seen. Smart, funny, sharp, accessible. I’d rather clean and paint the anuses of ferrets than deal with the author egos Kate surely endures. But she’s a superstar, and it’s hugely appreciated.

On a related note, a great hit in this week’s Time.


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