The Bird

When celebrities die, we’re sad, but not in a truly, truly sad way. It’s not like losing a relative. Sometimes, in fact, it’s more about gossip than remorse. A celeb dies, it’s something to talk about—his/her life, career, impact, triumphs, blunders.

Tonight, however, I’m truly sad. I loved Mark (The Bird) Fidrych. Really loved him. Never met the man, but I’m a fan of all athletes who refuse to take themselves overly seriously. This guy clearly had no ego; loved pitching and getting people excited. A true original.

About, oh, 20 years ago I bought the below poster at the Stormville Flea Market outside of Carmel, N.Y. I think it was 50 cents, and it’s followed me everywhere since. Because the frame broke, I had it tucked behind a couch in the office. When I learned Fidrych had passed, I pulled it out, and the wife and I looked him over. Such a goofy, lovable character. A real shame …photo-1149photo-1150

2 thoughts on “The Bird”

  1. I second the motion. Every guy or gal who was ten-years old in 1976, as I was, has to be bummed out about this one.

  2. And for the record, I am also saddened by the passing of Marilyn Chambers, but for entirely different sentimental reasons from a time when I was eighteen, not ten.

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