Paula Abdul+music=bad things. Really bad things.


Watched the Idol tonight. Pretty lame. Mediocre showing by No Doubt, OK song by Daughtry, sad to see the 17-year-old girl go.

And then there was Paula Abdul.

For the first time since the show’s debut, Abdul performed a song. Did you read that correctly? Performed. Not sang—performed. She danced around the stage, flashed a few Come hither looks, twirled and swiveled and bopped … and lip-synched the whole damn thing.

I wouldn’t care, save for the fact that, this season more than ever, contestants have been reminded that, come day’s end, Idol is a singing show. Dancing is great, flair is great—but you damn well better be able to sing.

Oh, well. Time for bed.

6 thoughts on “Paula Abdul+music=bad things. Really bad things.”

  1. No! Paula Abdul + music = great things. Really great things! I’m 29 now and I’ve been a fan of Paula since I was in the 3rd grade! This lady has overcome some serious stuff, like depression and bulimia to name a few. And she really can dance. Maybe she flubbed it on American Idol,I didn’t see it. But she is an awesome choreographer.And she was a Laker Girl!She’s really beautiful.I’ll always be a fan!

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