writer’s block


A brief entry to appreciate writer’s block.

I have an SI.com column due in the morning. But I also have strep throat. Which sucks. I try drinking tea and tea and more tea, mixed with some honey. But then, in between cups, my throat gets even sorer. So I dry sucking on a throat drop, but after three or four sucks I just end up chewing the thing. And that doesn’t help me so much.

Then, when I’m supposed to be writing. I Google. Or go to YouTube. Or look up random people like him. And him. And her. Or I sit here and blog about blogging. Which sure is lame. Or I try and plan my 20-year high school reunion for 2010. Which only reminds me that I’m older than much of the world, and certainly older than, oh, 95% of the people who also enjoy the Real World on MTV.

OK, back to writing.

2 thoughts on “writer’s block”

  1. i, too, have writer’s block. i’m supposed to be writing about real estate trends in foster city, california. instead, i’m reading your blog. solidarity!

  2. Hi Jeff, long time no see.

    I hope you are going to write more about my Cowboys. I’m pretty excited as I have been hired to work part time at the new stadium. I can’t wait!
    Now, get writing!

    : )


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