John Sterling, Yankee announcer


In today’s New York Post, Phil Mushnick tees off on John Sterling, the New York Yankees’ radio voice. Although I rarely listen to baseball on the radio these days, I agree 100 percent.

Sterling is, simply put, terrible. Tonight, while returning from the gym, I heard him celebrate one of Mark Texiera’s homers by saying, “That’s on the Mark, Texiera! A text message!” I couldn’t believe how absolutely terrible that was; I mean, badder than bad.

Now compare Sterling to the Mets across the way, who hire smart, on-point announcers for their broadcasts. Really, the man’s a joke. Nice guy, probably. But horrific.

Anyhow, that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. Sterling makes my skin crawl with embarrasment. A franchise that prides itself on a commitment to winning and the Yankee way hires this clown. The fact that they resigned him a year or two ago is even worse. New York baseball fans deserve a smart and efficient person in the booth. One that is more concerned with giving a listener an “accurate” account of the game instead of trying to make sure a lame catch phrase can be heard for the 500th time. so damn annoying and frustrating

  2. I heard Sterling’s “TEX(t) MESSAGE” line on Saturday for the first time. I couldn’t post it to my lightly-read blog fast enough. Considering how hilariously image-conscious the Yankees are, I am floored that management tolerates the incompetent work of Sterling and Waldman on the radio.

  3. If you want to hear terrible, you need to hear the Twins TV team, Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven. What you quote from Sterling is intelligent compared to their senseless babbling.

  4. Yes, he does. He then goes on and on about pitch counts and how bad they are and then talks about eating worms. Half the time when Bremer asks him a pitching question, he doesn’t know the answer.

  5. I’m a Yankee fan and I’ll admit Sterling is tough to take for non-fans. But I like him, he’s a character, he makes it fun, there aren’t many good announcers in any sport so I’ll take Sterling, I know it’ll be a fun ride.

  6. I have been a Yankee fan for over 40 years (I’m 51). John Sterling is absolutely the worst, most embarrasing announcer by far that I have ever listened to. Does he have compromising photos of Yankee mgt?
    Can we start a petition to get rid of him? Everyone I know hates this guy, Yankee fans and non-Yankee fans alike. Please end this madness!

  7. I listen to the games on radio sometimes in the middle of a game.john & susan taklk about everything but whats happining on the field.I wait sometimes as long 15 minutes to hear the score of the game.this is very anoying I don’t want to hear whats going on in l.a.I want to hear the SCORE

  8. I live on the west coast and I listen to the games on the radio when I can. I actually like John Sterling and Susan. I would rather listen to their mix of broadcasting then just the same ole talk. He has a “trademark” way of announcing homeruns and the Yankees winning the game. Lighten up people!

  9. Let’s face it. We’d all like John Sterling a lot more if the Yankees would finally break the schneid and win their first World Series of the millennium. It’s amazing how winning a championship makes every announcer sound like Mel Allen and Russ Hodges combined.

  10. mets announcers arent much better. hernandez is arrogant and jealous and wont give teixeira credit for his cross town heroics. at least sterling is entertaining.

  11. believe you me, the 71 yr old John Sterling doesn’t even know how to turn on a computer much less text message anyone. Sterling must have blackmail photos on someone, I don’t get it.

  12. I’m spoiled: raised for 50 years with Vin Scully in L.A. Now a transplate to St. Louis, and I can’t imagine anyone worse than Al Hrobosky.
    Not only constantly rooting for the Cards, but will literally call for 3 consecutive home runs in the 9th to win it! And he will always talk about two hits by Pujols before he will recognize a two-hitter by the opposition. Cheer-leading for one team dilutes the glory of the game.

  13. Phil Mushnick is a psycopathic lunatic with an unnatural hate Sterling obsession that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen from a so-called “journalist” (which Mushnick is not). John Sterling, especially when he was partnered with Kay in the 90s, provided me with many great moments of excitement in the booth that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and as far as I’m concerned Yankee fans who keep pining for Mel Allen and Red Barber should get a life. Try listening to the tapes of them sometime, as I have done, and you’ll find that your rose-colored glasses memories of them don’t match up to what they were doing back then. Barber was a surly, bossy bitter old crank in the booth who kept stabbing Phil Rizzuto, Joe Garagiola and Jerry Coleman in the back while Mel got himself fired because he couldn’t learn to shut up and breathe for a moment. And remember, Mel did all his yakking by himself on the air and didn’t have a partner to break things up.

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