The challenge: II

As promised, I have allowed Chris, the angry reader, to take his shot …


Everything I had to say to you I already said.

I find it funny that you think you can put out a complete garbage column on what happens to my favorite sports team (NEWSFLASH: the only thing that can ruin Blake Griffin’s career is a major injury, not the fact that he will be a member of the LA Clippers. This isn’t Michael Olowokandi, Pt. Deux!) which, on top of everything else, is the equivalent of a bad direct-to-DVD SNL alum comedy with lame fart jokes.

Yet you act all incensed and go cry to your approximately 19 readers about how mean Chris from Los Angeles has just sent you a nasty e-mail.

R U kiddin’ me?!

Here’s my ‘Challenge’ to you: Stop sucking at your job, don’t kick a team when it’s down like some poison pen bully, and don’t dish out unless you’re prepared to take some, too.