Child abuse @ Sesame Place


The family and I spent the weekend at Sesame Place, a halfway decent child theme park that requires a large roll of cash and a unique ability to ignore repetitive kiddie music played loudly over speakers.

Luckily, I had both.

What I don’t possess, however, is a tolerance of cigarette smokers—especially around kids.

Earlier this afternoon, as my son and daughter were playing with a bunch of oversized foam blocks, I turned to the wife and said, “Do you smell cigarette?” I turned around, there she was—a 30ish woman, puffing on a cigarette near, oh, 200 kids. A dude named Chris who worked at the park told her, “You can’t smoke here.” so the woman, being a fool, moved behind a metal pole. “Eh, no,” Chris said. “You can’t smoke anywhere here.”

“Oh,” she replied.

Later in the day, while waiting for my wife and daughter to return from a ride, I snapped the above photo. There were a surprisingly number of people smoking with their kids, which—I believe …

A. Should be illegal.

B. Is, factually, child abuse.

C. Is just really, really f&^$ed up.

I mean, in 2009, who the hell smokes cigarettes around children? For that matter, who the hell smokes? Forget the health issues. How about the price? Seven … eight … nine bucks a pack.

What a joke.

7 thoughts on “Child abuse @ Sesame Place”

  1. First off, I smoke. Yes, I understand completely that it will kill me, expensive, etc. but the alternatives currently involve bail money requirements I can’t obtain. That being said, I don’t smoke around my son, at all, period. I smoke outside on my porch off my bedroom, which my son (currently 2) cannot access. I don’t smoke in the car, while walking with him, etc. For people that do…..horrible. You can wait 10 minutes until you get go someplace else.

  2. Eh. I grew up with two parents who were both heavy smokers in a time when people smoked pretty much everywhere, so I have a hard time getting excited about this. When I was a kid the atmosphere in our house was really annoyingly polluted and I hated it, but this is outdoors, for goodness sake, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. I really don’t understand banning smoking in outdoor settings, and no, I’m not a smoker and never have been. But people are just overly hysterical about second-hand smoke.

  3. I couldn’t tell you how happy I was a few months ago when Virginia (my home state)passed a law forbidding smoking in public bars and restuarants beginning Jan. 1. That day can’t come soon enough for me. Is there anything worse than going to a bar and having your clothes reek of smoke?

  4. NC just passed that same law. It’s a touchy situation. I hate smoking, and while I might have been nicer about it, I’m with Jeff on this one. But on the other hand, should our government be who’s making those decisions? I just don’t love the idea of the government taking more and more control, whether it’s national or state.

    And people might be overly hysterical about secondhand smoke, but smoking cigarettes has never made any sense. Maybe some nonsmokers overreact, but it’s one of the more warranted overreactions you’ll see. There are zero benefits to smoking. It’s just aggravating to others who don’t smoke and don’t care to be around it, which makes it pretty selfish on the part of the smoker.

  5. People smoking outdoors is not a huge health risk compared to what you are already inhaling. Think about it. If you are locked in a garage, playing poker with 5 smokers, you’ll probably cough and hack, and your clothes will stink. If you are in a garage playing poker while a motor vehicle is running, you’ll die, because of the carbon monoxide. That’s just the pollution from a single motor vehicle. Think about all of the other stuff getting belched into the air…carbon emissions from millions of cars, coal plants, smoke from incinerated garbage…cigarette smoke is probably the least of our issues.

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