Book contest—Part 2

Because I am an idiot (and a Mac user), my NAME THE DECEASED CELEBRITIES contest was woefully flawed (I should have realized this when seemingly everyone knew who Jon-Erik Hexum was. Hell, the only reason I knew is because, as a kid, I was a Voyagers fanatic).

Anyhow, I’m adding a bonus round, and this time you won’t be able to hold your mouse over the images and see the names. 🙂

Here ya go—same rules apply. E-mail the IDs to Winner gets two signed books.

Oh, and these are A LOT harder …


5 thoughts on “Book contest—Part 2”

  1. Okay, I noted that the first round had a few who were tough because I was a little too young to remember them since they weren’t too prominent. That definately seems to be the case on this one. The first round, I immediately recognized all but three and very easily found the rest with a little Google help. This round, I only recognize three! Ouch. So much for that.

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