Sarah Palin and Steve McNair


Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska yesterday. Steve McNair was murdered today.

Both events struck me, but for entirely different reasons. Palin came all too close to the vice presidency—an honor she didn’t deserve. McNair will never live to see his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame—an honor he certainly deserves. Palin was full of it. She talked and talked and talked, but had little clue about the actual topics. McNair was genuine. Teammates loved him. I mean, really loved him. He was gritty and tough and hard-nosed. He played through pain and thrived at overcoming odds.

When I read Sarah Palin’s resignation speech yesterday, I gasped. How could someone be so stupid and self-righteous? The odds that she’s doing this to somehow better position herself for a 2012 run? One-hundred percent. When I heard of Steve McNair’s death, I gasped. How could this happen to someone so lively? So young?

McNair entered the league in 1995, at the same time I was a reporter for The Tennessean and the state was trying to woo the Oilers from Houston. Much was asked about the QB from tiny Alcorn State. Could he handle the transition to the NFL? Was he accurate enough?

Palin entered the spotlight in 2008, at the same time I was a columnist for and the nation was trying to recover from George W. Bush. Much was asked about the governor from tiny Alaska. Could she handle the transition from small-state politics? Was she experienced enough.

Steve McNair, I will dearly miss.

Sarah Palin, not so much.

3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Steve McNair”

  1. Typical north eastern bias : regarding sarah palin : Put a few years on you and your family and her view points will change.

  2. Palin was no gem, nor was Bush. As for the nation trying to recover from a presidency, however, I fear that the damage being done by Obama is far greater than that by any president since LBJ, and perhaps even FDR. Class warfare is not the answer.

  3. Roger, it is BECAUSE we love our families that we will never want someone so unqualified and unintelligent to hold the highest office in the land. The woman didn’t know what NAFTA is according to her own campaign team. THIS is what you want in a president?

    And adjusting tax burden is not class warfare, Robert. Quit with the propaganda words.

    In a few years when we are out of this economic mess you will, in part, owe Obama your thanks. But he will not receive it from you.

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