Want to operate a baseball team? Seriously.


By Michael Lewis

So, under the category of “Things you never thought you’d have enough money to do:”

For just a hundred bucks, you can help buy and operate a piece of a baseball team.

No, not the Washington Nationals or any MLB team like that (though seriously, the Nats are worth about 5 bucks right now)

This would be a low-level minor league team or a summer collegiate team: Here’s the deal: Four guys in New Haven, Conn. (including, full disclosure, a friend of mine, Brett Orzechowski, the pride of Commack, N.Y.) are trying to start the first American completely fan-owned baseball team. Basically, for $100 (only $10 down) you would help make lineup changes, pick the team name, hire the hot dog guys, the whole deal.

Apparently this has been tried with some English soccer teams and has worked great.

Any profits the founders of Our Baseball Haven make will be donated to charity.

They’re trying to get a team up and running by next summer, but clearly they need investors. Check them out at their website here.

I think it’s a cool concept. You know much I would’ve paid to yank Mike Pagliarulo out of the Yankees lineup in the 1980s when my favorite team stunk? All my allowance.

Anyway, these are good guys who are trying something new. Check them out if you have a minute.