Oops-a big newspaper screwup

By Michael Lewis 

This is pretty embarrassing, but as a newspaper guy I can completely understand how it happened.

Seems a pre-printed section of one of the zoned editions of The Tennessean (the Nashville paper where Pearlman once worked and I interned) that came out Wednesday carried an interview with Steve McNair, talking about his new restaurant.

You know, the guy who was murdered last Saturday. The paper had 134,000 pre-printed editions of “Davidson A.M.” ready to roll, and couldn’t pull them all back.

Sadly, this happens a lot with pre-printed stuff. It’s still not as bad as the time, at one of my former papers, we ran a photo of a guy with his obituary,(some old coach, I think), and it turns out we ran the wrong photo and the guy in the photo was still, you know, alive. He called the next day and gave us all kinds of hell.

One of those “funny after the fact, totally not funny at the time,” kind of things.

P.S. On another note, yet another severe body blow to the newspaper industry Thursday, as Gannett laid off about 1,200 workers from its papers. It sucks to see the profession you love get slowly put to death.


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