Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur


I love transactions. In fact, I love transactions significantly more than I love the games themselves. I love drafts, I love free agency, I love releases.

More than anything, I love trades.

Not salary-influenced trades, either. I love trades of seemingly equal parts. Josh Hamilton for Edison Volquez. Pedro Martinez for Delino DeShields. Ken Griffey, Sr. for Claudell Washington and Paul Zuvella. Growing up in New York, my heart would race every time the Mets or Yankees discussed a deal. In this town, names always flew back and forth, in and out. Tim Foli, Joel Youngblood, Steve Balboni, John Mayberry, Steve Henderson, Ronn Reynolds. One never knew who was in and who was out—only that the shopping never stopped.

Hence, I was thrilled to return from France and see that the Mets and Braves had swapped disappointing outfielders, Ryan Church and Jeff Francoeur. Objectively speaking, it’s hard to blame either team. Francoeur had morphed from the next Vlad Guerrero to the next Billy Sample, and the post-concussion Church was little more than a spare part in New York. If I have to pick an edge, it goes to the Mets. Francoeur may well go down as a one-hit wonder, but his potential is undeniable. He could wind up batting .230 with 12 homers and 60 RBI, or he could turn things around and hit .290 with 30 homers and 95 RBI. Church, however, is Church. A solid, blah ballplayer with little to offer.

Advantage: Mets.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Church for Jeff Francoeur”

  1. Can’t agree with this at all. Francoeur’s potential was undeniable when he tore the cover off the ball in half a season as a 21 year old. Now he’s 25, and in those years he’s been a below-average outfielder for two seasons and now the worst regular player in the league for the last one and a half, and it’s hard to see any potential in a 25 year old who’s the worst player in the league. Meanwhile, Church isn’t going to save anybody’s season, but at least he can get on base, and reputations aside, he’s a better fielder than Jeff is.
    Even now, Braves fans should still be doing a little happy dance (and the few I know are) that they got someone to give up anything for Francoeur at all — even better that the poor clueless sucker is in their own division.

  2. Disagree with you completely on this. His OBP is .002 points higher than his ba. as you will see, he is a rally killer.

    By the way, one of the hardest things I have had to do as a parent is tell my 4 year old that his favorite players, Francoeur was traded away from the Braves. He cannot comprehend why either a) Jeff does not want to play for the Braves or b) why the Braves don’t want him. His 96 year old great grandmother whom he had a relationship with just died and he can wrap his head around that concept, but trading somebody away, impossible. I think he is trying to figure out ways to get his younger brother traded now

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