A letter to the New York Post (aka Erin Andrews, Part II)


Immediately after writing the previous post, it was brought to my attention that yesterday’s New York Post actually ran some of the stills of a nude Erin Andrews.

I have worked in this business for 15 years. I have taken on assignments that I’ve disagreed with. I’ve written stories I haven’t always felt 100-percent comfortable with. I’ve seen the media sink to some incredible lows. But this … this is the absolute worst. Seriously, the worst ever.

Sans irony, Andy Soltis, a Post writer (who should be ashamed for accepting this assignment), began his story with:

Sexy ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews was the target of a peephole pervert who surreptitiously shot a video of her walking around her hotel room naked — and posted it on the Internet. The sideline siren wants the creepy cameraman brought to justice, both for herself and to keep other victims from having to go through the same nightmare.

I hate the Post. I’ve always hated the Post. I think it’s a pathetic, juvenile, worthless piece of hardened dog s%$#, best served as toilet-side resting place for excrement-encased plungers. Now, I hate it even more. In any other world, someone gets fired over this.

At the Post, someone gets a raise.

* Out of respect to Andrews and disrespect to the worst newspaper in the history of the world, I’m not linking to the story/images.