Why, a day later, the New York Post remains a sack of dung


So today, the mighty New York Post fired back at ESPN and those of us who dared criticize the newspaper for running those nude stills of Erin Andrews. Their response …

“No one would have known that a sick voyeur had secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if the Mickey Mouse sports network hadn’t sent a letter to an obscure Web site demanding that it take down its link to a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde.”

I love this. Absolutely love this. To break down the logic:

A. Someone tapes Erin Andrews getting undressed.

B. ESPN demands the video be removed from a website.

C. People learn about it and frantically Google “Erin Andrews” and “video”

D. The Post deems it righteous to run the photos.

I repeat what I’ve said before: The Post is a joke. A complete joke. I know many people who work there, and they are—once again—humiliated. No justification exists for running nude photos of a woman who didn’t know she was being watched. None. The same scorn should be tossed toward CBS, which ran fuzzed-out clips on the video on its Earl Show. Disgusting, disturbing, pathetic. This has nothing to do with little blog perv boys wanting to see Andrews naked. It has everything to do with the media—in a continued rush to break … something—going way too far.


PS: A side note—called Col Allan, the Post, editor (pictured above) to get a comment for a piece I’m working on. Of course—shocker!—the gutless coward is calling nobody back. The Post: Great at bashing, hapless at righteousness.