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Driving through the South these past few days, I’ve been listening to an ungodly amount of AM radio. Sadly, that means I’m getting one of two things:

A. Jeee-SUS! (For the record, nothing against Jesus. But even my most devout Christian friends acknowledge the inanity of AM religious radio).

B. Sports talk.

Boy, do I hate sports talk. Not all of it. But most. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Some yahoo who’s never even been in a locker room screaming at the top of his lungs about chemistry and passion and teamwork and how the Saints should trade their fourth-round pick to the Patriots for Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

Anyhow, the topic of late has been, of course, Michael Vick, and how terrible it was that, in his statement of the other day, he failed to apologize.

My question: Who is Michael Vick supposed to apologize to? The fans? The talk radio yahoos? The NFL? Al Toon and Jojo Townsell?

For God’s sake, the guy spent 23 months in prison. That’s some serious time. A real punishment. Enough. I’ll write what I’m required by law to write here—I’m disgusted by the dog fighting, and what he did was horrible—but the man has paid his dues. And furthermore, who are any of us to judge and condemn and condemn and condemn another’s sins? You, the guy cheating on his wife with the local bus driver? You, the guy who steals 10 cents off every dollar at your job? You, the guy who swipes two morning newspapers from the vending machine? You, the guy who told your son to shut up when he wanted a second helping of pudding? You, the guy who drinks four beers before driving home every night? You, the guy who ignores your wife? You, the guy who pinched your executive assistant’s rear?

I respect PETA, and I admire their work. But if they show up at every Vick game with signs and chants, I’ll show up at every PETA rally at every Vick game with signs and chants. 🙂

Let the man be.

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  1. I think PETA is going to make his life hell. There will never be enough punishment for some people. If I had to do 23 months in jail, I’d cry like a little girl. Oh wait, I am a little girl… But still. Leave the man be.

  2. To compare someone stealing or committing adultery to the horrible cruelty inflicted on living creatures is inane. Yes he served time. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lasting repercussions for his actions.Electrocuting an animal because it couldn’t fight well enough to please you in no way compares to pinching someone’s ass. That’s why your argument doesn’t hold water.Ask any felon if his/her conviction didn’t affect future employment.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Jeff. The man served time, lost his fortune, became a pariah, and just to highlight this: SERVED TIME IN PRISON. He’s paid his debt to society and then some. We should leave him be.

  4. Is this blogger mentally challenged or perhaps just hasn’t found any real redeeming qualities in Michael Vick. If I ignore my wife, she doesn’t like it..we fix it or she leaves. If my son doesn’t get extra cookies, it’s not a cruelty. Even if I was an jerk who cheats on my wife.I didn’t torture, kill and maim dogs.Sure Vick should be let be, no problem.We just don’t want him in the NFL.He is a sadist who gets pleasure from hurting dogs.If he could have used humans in the same way, he would have.I respected you and read your blog and man it’s weak .

  5. though i can’t imagine the animosity is still so high that peta would be able to protest his games, but if they do, i am right there with you protesting them.

  6. Just sent you an email but felt like publicly acknowledging this here–great post, thanks for the soundoff on Vick. Obviously, what he did was horrible….but then, that’s why he received a horrible punishment. Anyone who says 23 months in prison isn’t enough is just ignorant.

    Hopefully PETA will leave him be. But then, this is the organization that derided Obama for killing a fly.

    An effin’ fly.

  7. Vick should partner with the Humane Society (which has already reached out to him) and do some anti-dog-fighting PSAs. That’ll take the some of the steam out of PETA. Also, I can’t really see a PETA protest being too effective at an NFL game, where have the crowd has been sucking down meat and beer for the past three hours. A PETA protest at an Eagles game, in particular, would be brutal. But funny.

  8. My wife is pregnant. Someday, I’m sure I will tell my child to shut up when asking for second helpings of pudding.

    I will sleep like a baby judging Michael Vick.

    Weak, Jeff. Weak.

  9. When the commissioner reinstated Vick, a handful of my friends on Facebook let their circle of friends know that they were sickened by this decision.

    Yet, none of them, at least to my knowledge, have ever expressed concern when the NFL allows players like Leonard Little to continue to suit up for games.

    Strange world we live in.

  10. I agree with your thoughts on Vick, he served his time, now let him move on. But “who are any of us to judge and condemn and condemn and condemn another’s sins”. Ummmmm, you mean like doing steroids? Or was the “you” in that sentence just directed at the readers and not at yourself.

  11. You are really some kind of ignorant. Michael Vick is a murderer. He deserves to have done to him everything that was done to those dogs. There is a special place in hell for him. As for those who defend him…well, they are the most disgusting trash that humanity can possibly produce

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