David Ortiz used performance enhancers!

I am shocked.




(Are you?)

7 thoughts on “Shocked!”

  1. I too am SHOCKED! In disbelief, saddened, horrified!

    Umm well no, not really. To sum up my feeling, it’s apathetic. Those who “care” or make a big deal of this ’03 list is the media itself from previous generations.
    As an early 30’s guy, I just don’t care anymore and I’ve stopped quite some time ago. When reports of who did what and when during the “steroid era”, more often than not I say to myself, “Yeah. So? And? What’s there to be shocked about?”

    I understand the need to report this “news” because if one reporter doesn’t another will, but this news is no longer front page news.

    That’s it.

  2. Jeff,

    Can you comment on how the story broke? Was it ethical from a lawyer to be breaching this kind of trust? Is that similar to a reporter outing his/her source?

    I’m not shocked, but very dissapointed.

    Now, I can say that the Yankees legitimately won Game 7 of the ’03 ALCS.

  3. I’m a late fifties kind of guy and while I am not shocked by any of this anymore I think it’s important to get the whole list out, not only to see who cheated but to also see who didn’t. Around 775 players were tested and 104 tested positive. So approximately 86 percent played clean of PEDs, but people seem to be thinking now that everyone in 2003 was on something when obviously that isn’t the case. Most of the players were clean, but 104 were playing by a different set of rules. Identify them all.

  4. The steroid athletes are whatever.

    The real issue should be the leaks. That affects all of us much more since that is directly against the Constitution.

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