A nation of idiots: Part II


As more and more people express themselves angrily, RE: health care and the executive branch’s liberal leanings, it becomes increasingly clear what this is genuinely about:


It is, and for those who don’t grasp the truth, well, I encourage you to open your eyes and see what we have here. When the masses scream, “I don’t recognize my country anymore!” and “This isn’t the America I know!” it has nothing to do with health care reform and everything to do with the dark face atop our government. Whites are scared. Not my whites—those raised to believe in diversity and multiculturalism; those who look back at segregation and cringe with disgust. But many, many whites see their nation slipping away from them. They look at the immigration issues and hear commercials in Spanish and watch a gay couple bring their son to school … and they feel trapped and scared and increasingly isolated.

To these people, Barack Obama—whether he’s a good president or not—represents their terror. They long for the days of Ronald Reagan and the ilk: White, wavy brown hair, American flags billowing in the wind, tough talk and (seemingly) tough action. They fear the government and its intentions, not fully understanding the irony that the guns they hold are officially registered; that the medicare (and, in some cases, medicaid) they receive are federally funded; that every public park and playground and zoo they enjoy is funded by government money.

No, all that is meaningless drivel, because Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are issuing their talking points, and their talking points revolve around the idea of fearing the unknown; of fearing the different.

I wish there were a resolution here, but I don’t see it. Poor white Americans will vote against their interests time and time and time again, because—come day’s end—they don’t see themselves in an accurate light and they too often refuse to check out the mirror. They hear a 60-second advertisement saying Obama is a socialist, and they buy it. They hear another one saying the new health care will kill Grandma Bessie, and they buy it, too. They are used and used and used and used as tools by the white, wealthy Republican office holders, thrown a piece of red meat (gays, guns, etc) in return for voting against themselves.


Because the president is black.

Plain and simple.

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  1. Way to play the race card. If you don’t think that we are moving in an extreme direction then YOU haven’t been paying attention. These aren’t issues where you can easily find a common ground. The rest of the nation is over the “Oh my God, we have a black Pres.” thing, but apparently you aren’t. You’re basically saying that the reason Obama is being criticized and the reason some (or most) aren’t on board with issues like healthcare reform is because it’s coming from a black dude, “plain and simple.” If you believe that then you aren’t much different than those you despise (Rush, Hannity, etc.) Way to cop out.

  2. “Poor white Americans will vote against their interests time and time and time again,…” True. And often just as true if you substitute “poor white” with “black”. People of all races and socio-economic levels vote on soundbites and tradition over free thought and realization ALL of the time.

  3. Nice.

    I’m not afraid of a black person being president. I’m afraid of idiots in government running health care when the government really can’t be trusted to run a fucking thing, at all.

  4. So the phrase “Im losing my country” has all sorts of racial implications? Am I following you, Jeff? do you realize how ignorant that makes you sound. Think about it for a minute. It’s quite a reach and quite simply and stupid assumption. Are you aware that Obama got a large portion of the white vote? With anything pertaining to politics, it’s always about the issues. The issues in this case are waaaay too far left for most people to handle. You can put the whitest guy in the white house and have him preach the same BS and you’d still see the backlash you’re seeing now. WHY on earth is it so hard for people like you to wrap your mind around the fact that some people DON’T like Obama’s policies one bit? You have summed up everything one needs to know about an Obama supporter: They think the man is infallible. Plain and simple.

  5. “But I have black friends.”

    Jeff, you are right. There’s a lot of inherent racism in the objections I have seen.

    It makes me cringe every time I read the Facebook update of some idiot pretending to understand the present social issues when most couldn’t define socialism or identify what type of -ism the US of A follows.

    You people don’t want to believe it’s racism? You must not receive the same e-mails I receive from our “true patriots.”

    Not every person that objects to Obama’s intentions are racist, though. Some are just Republicans that don’t know any better.

  6. Do you think if Hillary Clinton were president, Republicans would be embracing her plans? (Oh, yeah, then you’d say they were sexist.) Gee, I guess I missed the Republicans’ worship of Bill Clinton because he was a white southerner.

    Jeff, you’re really crossing a line here. First you call anybody who disagrees with you an idiot and a moron; now you’re calling them racists. And then you decry others for being narrow-minded? Physician, heal thyself.

  7. Right on, Jeff. You are 100% correct. I certainly don’t recall this level of foaming-at-the-mouth opposition toward Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.

    Most of the people screaming at these town hall meetings are uneducated buffoons. Listen to the interviews with them. They don’t know the issues. They don’t know what they’re talking about at all. They just stand there and parrot catchphrases about socialism, and Russia, and Hitler. There is no substance to anything that they are saying.

  8. “Right on, Jeff. You are 100% correct. I certainly don’t recall this level of foaming-at-the-mouth opposition toward Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter.”

    Did you miss Bill Clinton being only the second president in history to get impeached? Or Jimmy Carter having a 28% approval rating? I guess I missed all the love they got.

    And sorry, for anybody to complain about “foaming-at-the-mouth opposition,” when we just had eight years of Bush being called Hitler and being accused of being behind 9/11, is rich.

    You want to talk about parroting talking points? As if nobody on the left parrots what they hear Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, and Keith Olbermann say.

  9. Sir : as a member of a cracker barrel state : alabama and a reg. nurse : > 30 in a cardiac cath lab / icu : I ‘ ve seen the worse and best of health care : This society needs change, no doubt but the elderly i.e. > 65 years old fear change : since the only thing in life that’s constant is change, it should be interesting : remember your children will pick your nsg. home. So be kind.

  10. bravo. couldnt agree with you more. and i couldnt agree with alex any less. He may associate himself with the people who reacted with the “Oh my god, we have a black president” crowd, but I think the majority of the people (of all races) were saying “Oh my god, Bush is out of office!” instead.

    To say this country is becoming more and more extreme… more extreme than what, torture? invading a country for oil and a father’s retribution by under the guise of destroying al qaeda/weapons of mass destruction/the “freedom” of the iraqi people (choose which one, depending on the time of day)? de-regulating banking and investment so that the majority gets screwed while the wall streeters and k streeters get more rich? to be labelled unpatriotic because you don’t believe in warrantless wiretaps?

    These protestors can tolerate the past 8 years of a complete imbecile but they are all of a sudden fed up with the new president after 8 months?

    I don’t get it, I really don’t.

  11. Spot-on. I love it when the right-wingers get on you Jeff for expressing a political opinion. The jingoistic wingnuts claim to love Free Speech, until the disagree with it.

    I am a white, 38 year old, Midwesterner. I also think that much of these insane Birther and Deather protests are race-related. If I were President Obama, I would Give a speech on this in a Dashiki and end it by saying” Now, where are all the white womens!” They hate him because he is Black, therefore he should sarcastically throw it in their in-bred, illiterate, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, cousin-marrying faces.

  12. The Pride of Curry

    Free speech works both ways, you know. Jeff has every right to post what he wants, and anybody that wants to comment has every right to disagree with it. I mean, the first amendment doesn’t really work in the blogosphere, but stll.

  13. Saying the “we” are racistis because we disagree with our President is such an easy cop out for ignoring the real issue… He’s screwing us!

  14. “Saying the “we” are racistis because we disagree with our President is such an easy cop out for ignoring the real issue… He’s screwing us!”

    Donna…how is he “screwing us?”

    We can list the ways our former president “screwed us” over the last eight years…with No. 1 being sending our sons and daughters into harms way, and getting thousands of them killed, to settle a grudge.

    That guy, he was in office eight years. This guy you claim is “screwing us” has been in office eight months.

    My uncle, a die-hard Republican used to tell me during the Clinton years that any success was due to the previous four years (then he was re-elected and my uncle said it was an eight-year deal; of course Clinton did nothing right, it was all set up for him by the moron before him).

    So, if Obama fails is it because of Bush, or will my die-hard Republican uncle amend his belief that the previous administration is responsible for what happens now?

    At least we have free speech…and with mine, I’d like to call some of you people morons.

  15. Steve, it just figures that you would use your freedom of speech to name call.
    Have you read the health care bill? yeah, neither has your President. Have you seen a transparent administration?
    Has he brought our troops home?
    How quick we all forget 9/11. You were probably one of those guys that ran out and bought a flag to hang on your car. And now you throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Pathetic.

  16. No Donna, I served in the US Army from 1987-1991. I was honorably discharged just after the Gulf War.

    I’m not one of the fake patriots. I served my country and it makes me sick to see people like you that have no clue what the hell they are talking about spew your garbage.

    Name calling? If the shoe fits…

    Your comments are moronic. And they force me to tell it like it is.

    I haven’t read the health care bill and I don’t have to, that’s why I have elected officials. Let them do their job. If they aren’t doing it, don’t re-elect them.

    But, I have yet to have ANYBODY tell me a better way. Like Jeff said, the morons simply repeat the catch-phrases they have heard on TV and the radio.

    What really gets me is your last couple sentences:

    “You were probably one of those guys that ran out and bought a flag to hang on your car. And now you throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Pathetic.”

    Isn’t it ironic that I’m defending our President, yet I’m the one stomping on our flag? And yet you are offended by being called a moron.

    George Bush 1 & 2 and his homies thrived on people like you. And that’s why our country is where it is…not because of the black man that has been in office for eight months.

    You expect him to bring the troops home now? Like this instant? After the position George Bush put that country in, you want to just walk away?

    Of course you do…because you need something to bitch about. Obama didn’t bring home the troops. He’s a bad president.

    How irresponsible would it be for our nation to simply walk away? But, there is a plan:


    You’d have know that if you’d watch something besides “My Name is Earl.”

  17. I dont want anyone to walk away. Im just repeating what Obama said to get into office.

    I support our troops mr steve. to the very end. Im someone who hasnt forgotten about them. Im not a seasoned American. I am an American. And just because I disagree with our President, Im called a moron and a racist and a radical.

    Why are you so angry? You need yoga.

  18. Great post Jeff. You’ve said what I’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. The population of these town halls are all white and all over 45. They want their country back where there was a white president and a white supreme court. Sorry. It ain’t happening. We have to embrace change because if we don’t, the US will be as isolated as North Korea in the next 20 years.

  19. Jeff: big fan of your books and blog posts, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons to oppose this health plan and better ways to reform our health system, but that’s beside the point.

    What you’re saying is straight out of the liberal playbook: stifle debate by dismissing your opponents as ignorant rednecks.

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