Just dropped my kid off at camp …


Funny scene.

A male counselor approaches me. “Liz says you’re a famous writer,” he says. (Liz is one of my son’s counselors).

“Uh … that’s probably an exaggeration,” I say.

He tells me that he’s a student at George Washington, and he’s written a book about the Yankees. Can he e-mail it to me. “Of course,” I say. “Definitely.”

I’m approached by another counselor. She tells me she reads this blog—and digs it.

The moral:

A. You never know who’s reading your blog, so never, ever, ever bash your son’s counselors on the web. (Not that I would—they’re stellar).

B. If you are a counselor, and one of your campers has a parent who writes, make certain to compliment him immediately before tip day. The ego boost will almost certainly add an extra 5-10 percent.  🙂