A rare, and precious, musical moment


Rare are the opportunities for musicians to completely f^%$ up a classic song alongside the original singer/writer. Yet here, on Live From Daryl’s House, the usually excellent Daryl Hall does it. I beg of you, for entertainment purposes, click on TEARS OF A CLOWN and tell me if I’m wrong.

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve lived my life as a Hall & Oates die-hard. But, well, damn. What the hell is Hall doing? And, along those lines, why in the world is he wearing sunglasses indoors? Dude, it’s not 1985 anymore, when one could at least argue that the look was cool. And you’re not at a funeral or a wake, where at least the glasses have a role. You’re performing alongside one of the top 10 singers of all-time. Show some respect …

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