For no good reason …

I’ve posted this photo. It’s my brother David and me. Or I. Or me and my brother David. Crap—I always get that confused.

Hairstyling provided by Joan Pearlman (she bribed us to sit still with pieces or orange Trident gum). And, yes, we still own the outfits (David’s on the right).


5 thoughts on “For no good reason …”

  1. My 2 year old son wore to a cousin’s wedding last weekend a vest/pants/shirt outfit that was originally my brothers from a wedding about 23 years ago. You never know when such “classic” clothing will be useful again!

  2. It’s I. As in, “my brother and I.”

    Predicate nominative!* The verb “to be” functions in this case as an equals sign. As in “This picture=my brother and I.” Which means that the personal pronoun in the predicate is the same part of speech as the pronoun in the subject. So you don’t use the nominative form of the verb.

    *grammar nerd alert!

  3. Cute pic Jeff. I like the fact that your hair-do style remained consistent; from your childhood years all throughout your High School years…..8-)

  4. I think Chris W. is wrong. Delete “my brother David and” from the sentence. You wouldn’t say “It’s I.” You’d say “It’s me.”

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