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I’m a bit surprised


Regarding my post from earlier today on the Cosi manager who calls female employees by anything but their first names—well, I’m a bit surprised by the reactions.

I understand the people who say, “Let it go this time.” They’re probably right. But that, in the year 2009, there are men who still think it’s acceptable to call women “Sugar,” “Honey,” “Babe,” “Baby,” “Ass Cheeks of Love”—no. You’re wrong. Factually wrong.

I know … I know. I’m a liberal New York know-it-all. Certainly true. But I also know that:

A. Sexism is alive and well.

B. It’s not easy to speak up, especially when you’re a 17-year-old woman trying to get through the day and snag a paycheck.

C. Sometimes we have to speak on behalf of others.

Perhaps this isn’t that time. But perhaps it is. One of the commenters from the earlier post was right—a man saying, “Hey, that’s bulls&^$!” is much more powerful than a woman doing so, because the idiot manager will automatically assume, “Hell, just another oversensitive chick.” It’s no different than the impact a straight male has speaking on behalf of gay rights; or the white person speaking up for blacks; or the black person speaking up for Hispanics; etc … etc.

Anyhow, I’m babbling.

I’ll probably just move on with life. But it’s an interesting dilemma.

(And Kranepool, this is no possible way the women you work with like you calling them “honey” or “luv.” Trust me.)