Ten things I love


It goes without saying that I’m often pretty negative on this blog. So, just because it’s midnight coming off of Friday, I’ve decided to compile a list of 10 THINGS I LOVE. Not people or cliched standards like “My wedding day” or “the sun as it peeks over …” No, uncomplicated, uncliched loves. Would be great to hear yours, too …

1. A really great full-court pickup hoops game. Defense played, inside a solid gym, 10 guys of relatively comparable ability, no bulls^%t fouls called after every play.

2. You’re sleeping. You wake up. You look at the clock and it says 6:55. You’re pissed—until you realize you don’t have to be up for another three hours, and you can go back to sleep.

3. A large Coca-Cola Slurpee on a really hot afternoon.

4. Telling my 3-year-old son, “I’ll eat your sins!” and his reply of “I’ll eat your twins!”

5. A free day in New York City to do … whatever.

6. Convertible. Spring. Driving the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

7. Taking a long jog, and you enter the zone. You’re not thinking, you’re not listening to music, you’re not in pain. You feel nothing; think nothing; crave nothing. You just … are.

8. I tickle my 6-year-old daughter silly until she concedes, “Daddy, you’re the best rapper! You’re the best rapper!”

9. You’re 12-years old. It’s February. You wake up, snow is covering the ground and you hear on the local radio station that school has been canceled (Bonus point: You had a big test scheduled).

10. A reunion. I friggin’ love reunions. The anticipation. The fear. The sweat, trickling down your temple, as you enter the room to 200 people you haven’t seen in forever. There’s the girl you once hooked off with. There’s the bully—man, he’s gotten short.