f***ing fa**ot a** b***h

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My Yankee post from a few days ago has now received 43 comments—quite possibly a record on this site.

My favorite is this (of course, sent without a real name or e-mail address):

“wow. ok i like the yankees because i grew up in the great nyc area. i guess that makes me inhuman. fucking faggot ass bitch.”

Die-hard sports fans are weird. Not only do they take any perceived slights toward their teams personally … but they’re soooooooo over-the-top insane that they think writers and commentators actually care. Look, I like baseball. Enjoy it, find it intriguing, follow the season, etc. But do I fret over who wins the World Series? Uh … no.

And that’s the beauty. When people argue my political posts, it can sting. But if someone rips my pre-season AL East predictions, well, so what? Yeah, I picked the Yankees third and Andrew Miller to win the Cy Young Award. Laughably bad, but  … so? What difference does it make.

2 thoughts on “f***ing fa**ot a** b***h”

  1. Jeff, I normally enjoy reading your writing because you’re so irreverent and opinionated…but now I think you’re just being ridiculous. And not just because I’m a Yankees fan.

    In your original Yankees post, you essentially said, “how can anyone with a human head…truly, strongly, lovingly, audibly root for the Yankees to win?” Then when you received a number of articulate responses from Yankees fans (with actual human heads), you ignored them and instead chose to respond only to perhaps the most juvenile comment on that thread.

    Now, you remark that die-hard sports fans are weird, because they take slights against their team personally. That may be true, but in your original post, you didn’t just slight the Yankees, you really DID attack Yankee fans personally; you wrote, I repeat: “how can anyone with a human head…root for the Yankees?” Sounds like you’re calling Yankee fans inhuman, or insane. So, some of those fans try to defend their opinions, and engage you in some kind of intelligent debate, but instead of responding to them, you cherry-picked one of the dumbest, most vile comments to ridicule. And instead of defending your original position, you basically shrug your shoulders and say, “well what does it matter anyway? It’s sports writing.” This whole post reeks of cop-out to me.

    Again, this isn’t just because I’m one of the Yankee fans you accused of not having a human head. If you pulled this kind of stunt with Red Sox fans, or Lakers fans, or Cowboys fans, I’d call you out on it too.

  2. And I would argue that were it not for people taking sport seriously, you’d probably not have the career you have. If we didn’t care, who the heck would be buying your books about the Cowboys, Mets, or Roger Clemens? I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t have your opinions, but like Joe O’B said, you seemed to have swerved a debate by focussing on the idiot comment.

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