f***ing fa**ot a** b***h

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My Yankee post from a few days ago has now received 43 comments—quite possibly a record on this site.

My favorite is this (of course, sent without a real name or e-mail address):

“wow. ok i like the yankees because i grew up in the great nyc area. i guess that makes me inhuman. fucking faggot ass bitch.”

Die-hard sports fans are weird. Not only do they take any perceived slights toward their teams personally … but they’re soooooooo over-the-top insane that they think writers and commentators actually care. Look, I like baseball. Enjoy it, find it intriguing, follow the season, etc. But do I fret over who wins the World Series? Uh … no.

And that’s the beauty. When people argue my political posts, it can sting. But if someone rips my pre-season AL East predictions, well, so what? Yeah, I picked the Yankees third and Andrew Miller to win the Cy Young Award. Laughably bad, but  … so? What difference does it make.