My 2009 baseball predictions


In reaction to my recent post bashing Yankee fans, many people have taken to evoking my 2009 pre-season MLB predictions. While I understand why some would do this, I find it truly distasteful. First of all, how is it anyone’s business to go through the archives of my very public blog? Second of all, it hurts my feelings. And third—and most important–I’d say the pathetic-ness of my predictions has been grossly exaggerated. Truthfully, I’m pretty proud of the effort. Here, take a look and judge for yourself. Not perfect, but not horrific, either

PS: This is what blogging is all about. Seriously.

3 thoughts on “My 2009 baseball predictions”

  1. I came here from RAB, and I have to admit, switching them was pretty damn funny. Even tho I (sorta) agree with RAB (they took it a bit far), you played it nicely.

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