This photo was forwarded to me tonight by Dottie Miller, wonderful former resident of 35 Emerald Lane in Mahopac/aka my old neighbor. From left to right, the people are: Dennis Gargano, Gary Miller, me, my brother David, Jon Miller, Richie Miller and Donna Gargano. The year, I’m guessing, was 1979.

If you look closely, my brother and I have our over-sized jeans rolled up to our ankles. I suppose one could make the argument that such a style was in back in the day—only nobody else in the photograph had cuffed jeans. I called my mother tonight to ask about it, and all she could say was “Jeff, please don’t embarrass me again on your blog.”


Speaking of embarrassing (I’m in an embarrassing mood), tonight I watched the final 20 minutes of Star Trek: Generations. For those unfortunate few who missed the original back in ’94, the film unites the two Enterprise captains, Jean-Luc Picard and James T. Kirk, as they fight to stop Malcolm McDowell from ruining everything. Though Shatner was 64 and, well, fat at the time of filming, the directors still thought it plausible that he could film a good fight scene.

The end result is pure lunacy—old, fat Billy Shatner and old, skinny Malcolm McDowell slugging away as the cameras hit every angle to try and avoid showing us anything. In the end, Kirk dies (His final words: “Oh my!”), McDowell dies, too, and Picard returns to the Enterprise.

And I hurl into a bucket.

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