The circus comes to town


So I’m away on vacation at a place called Club Getaway, which is sort of a Club Med for the northeast. Not totally my cup of tea (I hate smelling like a campfire),  but it’s an excellent spot for the kids. Sports, crafts, games.

Tonight, they had a circus.

Now when I heard about “The Circus,” I assumed it’d be 20 staffers in face paint, balancing balls on their noses and riding pretend horses.  But, no, “The Circus” was actually “The Circus”—a four-person operation known as Circus R Us. A stranger sight I have rarely seen.

It took place in a run-down gymnasium. There were about 200 of us, sitting on a dusty floor, with techno music blasting at unbearable decibels. “Welcome to the circus!” the MC screamed. “Circus R Us!” From behind the stage curtain, three females emerged. One was a kid—probably 12 or 13. The second, Daniella, looked about 18 (turns out she was 15). And then there was the lead woman—a 35-year-old named Anna Jack.

The show was sorta lame. OK for a four-person gymnasium circus, but stale and yawn-inducing. But Anna Jack—dazzling. Spun nine hula-hoops at the same time; balanced this and that, this and that. Just did a ton of stuff that was really impressive. I turned to my sister-in-law and said, “Wow, pretty good for a local circus. She’s got some skills.”

Came back to my laptop, looked up “Circus R Us” and found this. Anna Jack ain’t no joke—she’s performed for absolutely everyone; has appeared on Letterman several times; Olympic ceremonies; etc.

My long-winded point is this: What does it say about the circus business that a great, great, great performer with a lengthy resume is spending her Friday night jumping through hoops for some snot-nosed vacationers at a mid-level retreat in suburban Connecticut?

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