Arcadian Broad says: “F— all y’all!”


I don’t watch America’s Got Talent, because whenever I’ve accidentally stumbled upon it, well, it sucks. But tonight, sitting here in an unfamiliar lodge, the show is on the TV. And I’m glad it is—because I was allowed a rare glimpse into the garbage that is reality/talent television.

On tonight’s show, a nerdy teenage dancer named Arcadian Broad performed in High School Musical garb, to a couple of crappy songs from the crappy Disney movie. When he was done, one of the judges, a former tabloid editor named Piers Morgan, told poor Arcadian that he wasn’t quite good enough. To which the young, naive kid—unwise to the slick ways of reality television (Shut up and be happy you’re here)—said, “I didn’t want to do High School Musical. The producers made me, and …”

He was swiftly cut off, and the host—Nick Cannon, a once-respected musician now starring as a Seacrest-esque wanna-be—said, “All performers have input into what they do.”

The show was nailed, and everyone knew it.

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  1. I noticed this too, and felt really bad for him… he is really talented and this really took away from it. Show is totally rigged. Also, you could tell the entire dance something was up because he didn’t look very into it.

  2. I watched this too. It really shocked and appalled me because Arcadian is actually quite talented and I was disappointed when I saw he was doing a High School Musical piece. To my relief it wasn’t by choice. Shame on those producers.

  3. I wanted to stand up and cheer when this kid -unknowingly- did such a brave thing. Go Arcadian Go! And I did something I’ve never done…called up and voted. Three cheers for honesty!

  4. We also noticed that he called out the producers and was immediately silenced. You can guarantee he will be “voted off” this week. You can also guarantee that in tomorrows rerun of the show Arcadian Broads comments will be edited out…If you haven’t noticed, they do that every week. BTW-your page was unavailable for several minutes after the show…

  5. Just as a note, the producers only help when the acts are hard-up for ideas. Arcadian could have said no at any one point beforehand, but he didn’t. He’s spineless for not being man enough to do what he wanted on his own, and then, when it bombed, blaming it on the producers of the show! You don’t make yourself look good by making the show look bad. Also, all voting is conducted by a third-party agency.

    I know people are going to accuse me of working for NBC or something like that for this comment, but it pisses me off when people apply to be on a show and then chicken out. He just was not good enough. That’s it.

  6. I agree with Queue.

    and if you ask me, it seems like Arcadian is trying to guilt people into voting for him. “I’m a poor little nerdy kid who was forced to do a disney dance…don’t send me home or my little girlfriend will dump me!!111one”

  7. I agree with Queue. As far as I’m concerned, this kid had little if any talent at all and just needed something/someone to place blame on.

  8. Oh, I beg to differ. He was good enough for sure. It looked like our chicken catcher was up there doing what the producers wanted too. All the judge responses are rigged as well. Way to go Arcadian, that was badass! Call it like it is! Now that’s what I call REALITY TV.

  9. @ #5 …what he said didn’t make him look bad though, it made him look GOOD, as a matter of fact by him saying that.. he got all of my votes when i was only going to vote for him a few times and i got a bunch of people to vote for him as well.

    the producers basically force contestants on that show to do shit that they usually wouldn’t. after tonight’s episode it has become pretty clear that its all rigged to benefit the people with the saddest story.

    producers will probably make him apologize or not even mention it and just edit it out.

  10. Queue is probably right that Arcadian could have rejected the HSM routine. And he’s probably right that Arcadian won’t win the competition.

    I will agree with the other commenters that the show is highly stage managed. Even when the judges selected the winners in the early rounds, they had to have a variety of acts because TV viewers wouldn’t be interested in all solo singers or solo dances. Variety gets ratings.

  11. I respectfully disagree. His dancing skills and technique are actually quite superb. Had he of come up with a really creative, lyrical piece it would have definitely made him stand out. He will receive my votes for having the balls to speak up and state that this was not what he wanted to do – I’m sure the producers can strongarm a 13 year old boy when they want a certain kind of act on the show. You don’t make the show look good by not opening your mouth.

  12. Queue, I normally don’t post to things like this but I felt it necessary to respond to you…”spineless for not being man enough”…he is not a man, he is 13, barely, and out on a stage that many adults would cringe from!!!!! And just FYI, he was in no way hard up for ideas! You really shouldn’t speak about what you do not know!

  13. What he said may or may not be true — but the point Piers was making was that his performance, and technique, weren’t very good — not that the routine itself was in any way lacking. I don’t really blame the kid for making excuses — he’s only a kid — but that’s what they were: excuses. If he’s really a star, he’s better than his material anyway.

  14. What they did to Arcadian was wrong. He auditioned as a single dance act, not part of a group (i.e., HSM routine).

    Did they split up the Texas Tenors into three singles? No.

    Did they tell the two boys in Voices of Glory to go home, but the girl can stay? No.

    So why was Arcadian made to perform as part of something rather than by himself, as the other acts were allowed to do?

    At 13 years old, not only is he an amazing dancer, but he is definitely “man” enough to stand up to the producers and call it like it is.

    I don’t give NBC much of my time, but I have for AGT. However, I won’t be watching the show anymore unless they bring Arcadian back. Let him dance what he wants, then we can decide if he stays.

    The judges “threw out” the rules and allowed 5 acts to go forward, so throw out the rules again and BRING ARCADIAN BACK.

  15. Also, if you noticed, Arcadian was clad in a shirt that had “Team AGT” plastered onto it.

    Where was the promotional advertising on any of the other acts?

    Why wasn’t Skinner given an “AGT” cap to wear backwards?

    Why weren’t Fab Five given AGT smocks to wear?

    I could go on and on, but I think you all get my point.

    The producers AND judges used this kid up then spat him out!!!

    Ooh, I’m still mad about this whole affair! grrrrrrr


  16. Arcadian Broad is a talented, innovative and dynamic performer. Watching him dance was akin to seeing a real life Billy Elliot story. Piers Morgan is a wonky wanker that has NO reason to be a “JUDGE.” It is a sad statement when a young man like Arcadian is manipulated and cheated so some pathetic old crone like GrandMa Lee can be pushed ahead. Who REALLY thinks that old bat is funny or worth a million dollars? Would YOU sit through a 90 minute show of HER so-called comedy.
    Arcadian..keep on dancing! You WILL prevail in life because you DO have it!!

  17. Arcadian Broad is a very gifted dancer and it’s no surprise he got so far. But once he did HSM…I knew it was over. %@#* producers. About the pity story…come on, everyone was playing that card that week. ESPECIALLY Drew Thomas Magic and his lot. I’m pretty sure producers make sure those stories get in there too. &%*$ producers.

  18. I hope that Acadian will keep on with his dancing. He is truly talented and I hope to see him on Broadway some day. I enjoyed his talent on the piano, but his dancing is what really struck me. A very fine young man.

  19. I saw the dance he want to do and they said it wouldn’t work.So being an kid that was raise to respect the old people he done HMS. I think that they only want singer to go on.That Kevin guy screw up every song he ever sing and he won.He has to write the song down on his arm..ANd that grandma Lee women how deal they put her in and get rid of A Broad.
    The only reason I watch the show is because I said finally someone with talent but if you want talent don’t go to AGT

  20. Ican sing better than Kevin Skinner but, I have’nt seen a dancer as good as Arcadian Broad since Baryshnikov. Barbara Padilla should have won.

  21. Ok it’s a year later. Some people implied that Arcadian might be a whiner.

    But I have seen the same thing happen to an act in this year’s show, The Strange Familiar. The producers told them what to wear and what song to sing. Then Pierce made fun of their clothes and Sharon said they made a bad song choice.

    If Sharon and Pierce weren’t coached on what to say, the producers sure knew how to push their buttons and gave The Strange Familiar bad advice on purpose.

    Sharon also criticized the sound. The show’s producers manage the sound and can sabotage the act. The girl singer’s piano wasn’t even plugged in. She tried twice to play it and no sound came out.

    There is definitely something going on here that isn’t right.

    We have laws in this country to make sure that game shows aren’t rigged.

    Regardless of Arcadian’s talent, the deck was stacked against him the same way it was against The Strange Familiar.

    I feel for them both, and wish I was a lawyer and could take on AGT. It makes me mad.

  22. I was watching from the UK and agree with the above that the show is rigged to the benefit of AGT and ratings/cash. It amazes me that they are allowed to get away with do much padding and commercials, although it is getting as bad over here. I record all programs so I can edit out the crap and usually that it 20 minutes per hour, an hour of AGT I can watch in 25 minutes.

  23. now that another agt has ended…lets get the facts straight

    none of these so called talent competitions are what they seem to be

    unlike game shows, which because of the quiz show scandals of the 50s, have to be on the up and up…the talent contests are considered entertainment…therefore, they can be presented anyway the producers want them to be

    of course they make sure the acts they want to proceed do

    the judges know exactly what an act will do before it does…and their responses are mostly scripted

    i would suggest comparing piers on bgt to piers on agt…you will be amazed as on bgt he poo poos almost every magic act…yet on agt, he loves most

    be even more amazed as he plays good cop to simon’s bad cop

    cowell has this thing down to a science…he is a showman patterned after the great pt barnum, and owes much to the even greater chuck barris (who outside shoving actors in as contestants on the newlywed and dating games, did most stuff on the up and up)

    the greatest scam of agt is the one million dollar prize…which is in fact a 40 year annuity…thats right, the winner gets 25k a year till he/she dies….big whoop…the show rakes in millions

  24. Arcadian may not have been his best on that show and he may not have done what he wanted, but as a result, the world became familiar with an amazing dancer. I am one of those people who saw that show that night and saw a very special person, even if it wasn’t what he or the judges thought was his best, there was something about him and his talent that told me he was unique and would go far.

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