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So I’m torn on this one. Was watching VH1 Divas Live at the gym tonight. Some of the so-called Divas could really belt—Jennifer Hudson, for one, is as good as it gets. Others, like Jordin Sparks, are fine, dandy, OK, forgettable.

But what about Miley Cyrus?

As a 37-year-old grump, I’m supposed to either not care about Cyrus, or rip her. But, truth be told, I sort of like her voice. The actual material is mixed, but she’s got a little Stevie Nicks‘ rasp that I feel.27589_miley-cyrus We’re not talking about Hudson-esque power here. But she can sing, and she’s got a lot of charisma.

Then again, right now she’s sort of resting her hat on this sort of slop. And don’t be fooled—it’s slop. Cliched motivational song to be played at aerobics classes and during Bar Mitzvah video montages. But then, just when one thinks Cyrus is merely another, oh, Tiffany, we get this—textured, nuanced, powerful singing.

So what do I think? I think she’s pretty damn good.

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  1. Miley Cyrus, uh, fan here (I may or may not have downloaded her last album): I like the rasp in her voice, and I like her uptempo stuff. (“The Climb” is awful.)

    As a twangy pop/country counterpart to Taylor Swift, who is about as country as Shania Twain (but in a good way, really; Swift’s a good songwriter and has some really pretty pop vocalist’s pipes), I’d much rather hear Miley than, say, the damn Black Eyed Peas, who are both shrill and creatively bankrupt. Sure, there’s a little cliche to her, and sure, she’s going to be pitched at teenage girls, but music should be: That’s the purchasing demographic, period. And if some decent pop stuff comes out of it, so be it.

  2. As a cranky 34 yr old, I actually think Miley has no singing ability at all, and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
    She has a good show on Disney I’ll give her that. But what do i know…she only sells out arenas and has tweens crazed for her concerts.

  3. as a cranky 30 year old korean american, i didnt appreciate her “chinky eyes” pose in a photo that circulated and giving an even weaker apology than joe wilson.

    not to mention i fail to see any kind of talent other than whipping her hair around all over the place.

  4. As a cranky 37 year old she made me feel like a pervert in those leather pants.

    Really Jeff? Really?

    Sounds to me like a drunk secretary singing Friday night karaoke at Chili’s. Ouch!!

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