Yale and race


So they’ve made an arrest in the horrible Yale murder of a 24-year-old student named Annie M. Le—and the guy is a khaki-wearing white guy. I throw in the khakis because:

A. Upon being arrested, 24-year-old Raymond Clark III was, indeed, wearing khakis.

B. One doesn’t see all that many pairs of beige Gap khakis in the hood.

Once again, mainstream America looks ugly, and assumptions are turned upside their heads. In the four days since Le’s body was found inside a laboratory wall, we’ve repeatedly heard commentators/parents/students/alum comment on the risks of attending school near an urban setting. By “urban,” you can be sure nobody was referring to traffic lights, potholes and an endless stream of Starbucks storefronts. No, the hidden message wasn’t so hidden at all—Beware of the blacks! They’re coming!

Well, once again, they didn’t come. It was a white guy—short and nerdy looking and nattily dressed—who apparently committed the horrible act. The problem is, these sort of conclusions rarely change social takes. Remember Susan Smith, drowning her kids, then blaming the whole thing on a black kidnapper? Remember Charles Stuart, the Bostonian who murdered his wife but tried getting away by claiming a black man who done it? Remember the Oklahoma City bombing? Had to be a minority. Had to be. Oops.

I was discussing this with an African-American friend the other day—she made the point that the murderer at Yale damn well better not be a black man, because every time it is, racial trust drops another 10 pegs.


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  1. dont forget the crazy white chick that scratched “B” on her face saying that a black Obama supporter mugged her and scratched it into her forehead. Too bad the “B” was backwards (she didn’t know letters are reversed in the mirror?) and why “B” and not an “O.” The stupidity of America foreshadowed!

  2. and jeff, why do you say african american? only people that dont have any black friends says african american. otherwise, one would know that black people dont mind being called black.

  3. I mean I agree with basically everything you wrote but it’s assuming guilt based on being arrested that perpetrates this type of stuff (like when the police arrest innocent black people and everyone jumps to conclusions of their guilt), so I might just, you know, wait a bit…

  4. Right, but remember the D.C. snipers? Had to be a rural white dude, right? Turned out to be two black guys. The point here being that guessing a criminal’s race is an excercise in futility. Besides, we’ve known for a long time that it happened inside the lab so it was going to be educated person, not the “urban” (read: poor, uneducated) type, regardless of race, you were referring to anyway.

  5. Jeff, there are several murderers out there who are white/black/indian/asian/latino/australian/etc.. And they murdered people who were white/black/indian/asian/latino/australian/etc… I think the thing that we must remember is that all humans are capable of murder, even you and I, and we can’t keep singling out particular races. I don’t really see the point with it. Its a tired act in my opinion. Why don’t we instead ask what is the condition of the human nature that draws a man or woman to kill another man or woman?

  6. Chris Rock has a funny bit about crazy murderers always being white. Fact of the matter is, this is a high profile case. But there are many smaller ones that prevent parents from wanting to go to schools in “urban” neighborhoods, which create a daily fear for the student. Keep that in mind. I’m not trying to downplay murder, but a daily beating is not fun either.

  7. I lived in boston during that time it was crazy it the murder occured 2 minutes from the mission church where kennedy’s service was held. We as humans have to check out the heart which flows the issues of life if there’s no change in our hearts we will be forever labeling judging accusing that’s why the plastic surgery industry is booming trying to change the outside when change takes place. Inside the heart

  8. “we’ve repeatedly heard commentators/parents/students/alum comment on the risks of attending school near an urban setting. By “urban,” you can be sure nobody was referring to traffic lights, potholes and an endless stream of Starbucks storefronts.”

    Please provide to where you have “heard” these comments on risks. This post is a waste of my time otherwise.

    Part 2: Asian girl dies in library/lab at Yale. Who the heck would assume it’s a black guy? Coult be anyone.

    Again, please provide links to what you have “heard”. Otherwise you’re just another liberal trying to get Americans to think crime is equal opportunity when we all know it’s not.

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