Though I always check out the reader comments on this blog, I often don’t agree with them. But John Sullivan—big ups to you.

Beneath my Shania post, John wrote about “the worst song ever”—with a music video to match. So I clicked on the link, and was transported through hell’s tiniest anus hole, to the above video. Oh. My God.

Where to begin? Kid sucks at singing. Kid looks like a tool. The appearance of the king of lame—Usher. Text messaging as a status bootie call. The various let’s-take-this-geeky-white-kid-and-make-him-look-street elements (the hoodie, hand signals, etc). Ugh—when uptight Republicans point to cultural rot, let them see this. Case made.


PS: John was right—I couldn’t watch it all. Can you?

8 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. yes I can. I laugh every morning at this kid, because A) there is a music video on, B)of all the artists out there, this is who is playing? C) reminds me of my dorky middle school D) teens dig love songs.

    Lets be honest this is another head studio honcho’s grandson, because I don’t see talent here,

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