God, Jeff Pearlman can die in a f—ing fire.


Deadspin just posted something about my Sal Fasano column. One of the posters wrote, “God, Jeff Pearlman can die in a fucking fire.”

What type of human being would ever write such a thing? Over a sports column, no less.

Answer: An anonymous loser without the guts—or decency—to place his real name behind his words. Then again, a decent person never writes that to begin with.

5 thoughts on “God, Jeff Pearlman can die in a f—ing fire.”

  1. Extremely unprofessional.

    If you can’t take random internet trolling, get off the web.

    Look at every single YouTube vid and you’ll notice at least 80% have ‘you’re gay’ or ‘go die’ or ‘kill yourself’.

    It’s not nice, but it’s life. Tough.

  2. Geez, Paul, this is a blog, not the freakin’ front page of the New York Times. How is it “unprofessional”? Since it’s his blog, he has every right to call out a gutless clown who makes a despicable comment. Also, this ain’t your web so you don’t get to make the rules. It’s not nice but it’s life. Tough.

  3. “Jeff Pearlman can die in a fire” isn’t nearly as nasty as “The prick puts hundreds of thousands of dollars on red because he’s cheap TWICE, loses, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for a guy making 12K a week? I’m supposed to feel bad that MLB and the Federal Government haven’t conspired to pay for an aging, shitty ballplayer’s kid’s surgery?”

    And you called Kardashian and Odom “Morons” — What type of human being would ever write such a thing? Over a celebrity wedding, no less.

    You’re a public figure, Mr. Pearlman, and along with the relatively beefy salary and endless perks, you’re going to have nasty things said about you by complete strangers who don’t really know you.

    Rub some dirt on it and take your base.

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