Len Bias

Watched this today. All these years later, still find the saga of Len Bias so haunting. So sad. It’s also, for me, sort of a JFK-was-shot memory. I was in my driveway, 14-years old, shooting hoops. There was obviously no internet; no 24-hour sports network available for a guy with 13 channels. So, curious after the draft aftermath (and with my parents nowhere to be found), I called one of those 50-cent sports update phone lines. Will always remember hearing, “This just in. Reports out of Boston confirm that Len Bias, the No. 2 pick in yesterday’s NBA Draft, is dead …”

Couldn’t believe it. Stunned. Staggered. Punched in the gut.

Had he lived, Len Bias would be 46 right now.


5 thoughts on “Len Bias”

  1. Bias was – is, really – the ultimate what if tale. What would the NBA have been like had he lived? Would Bird have lasted longer? Would he have tested MJ in the pros like he did in college?

    It’s a damn shame.

  2. Bias died the day of our 6th grade class trip to Cooperstown- my friend Jeff called me that evening to tell me and I didn’t believe him.

  3. as a lifelong celtic fan from boston, it was inconceivable to me that this happened. Bird and McHale both likely would have lasted longer due to less burden, less minutes. Bias seemed like a genuinely nice guy too, but don’t ever believe it was his first and only time…

  4. OMG, I followed your link to the wiki on Bias, read it through, followed the link to Bill Simmons page 2 article and re-read that (was moved by it previously), then went back to the wiki and it hit me, bam. Bias was born same day/same year as my wife. Amazing coincidence.

  5. I was working as a counselor at my high school basketball camp, and our coach brought all the campers together to tell us.

    I’ll never forget that day. The rest of the summer. The descent of Maryland basketball. Lefty leaving. The Bob Wade era. Won’t forget any of it.

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