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Len Bias

Watched this today. All these years later, still find the saga of Len Bias so haunting. So sad. It’s also, for me, sort of a JFK-was-shot memory. I was in my driveway, 14-years old, shooting hoops. There was obviously no internet; no 24-hour sports network available for a guy with 13 channels. So, curious after the draft aftermath (and with my parents nowhere to be found), I called one of those 50-cent sports update phone lines. Will always remember hearing, “This just in. Reports out of Boston confirm that Len Bias, the No. 2 pick in yesterday’s NBA Draft, is dead …”

Couldn’t believe it. Stunned. Staggered. Punched in the gut.

Had he lived, Len Bias would be 46 right now.