Charle Haley


While working on Boys Will Be Boys, I made a sincere effort to speak with Charles Haley, former Cowboys defensive lineman and, I believe, a man who belongs in the Hall of Fame. When I called Charles and told him what I was doing, he said—simply—”No, I’m going to pass.”

No biggie. It happens.

Of course, if you’ve read the book you know that Haley and Michael Irvin pretty much carry the thing (Haley with his whale-sized penis; Irvin with his far-reaching coke straw). Which is why I was so riveted to hear this—Haley being interviewed early last week by a local Dallas radio station.

More than anything, I came away truly impressed by the man’s transformation and maturity. Unlike his crazed former self, Haley sounded reflective, intelligent, wise. He expressed regret for his past misadventures, regret over the way he treated his ex-wife, hopeful that current players might not follow his footsteps. Even in the second part of the segment, when Haley denies urinating in Tim Harris‘ car (for the record, I stand by that reporting 100%) and pretends to not remember a teammates named Scott Case (very unlikely), I’ve got no beef. Mainly, I’m happy he’s found peace and happiness.

Anyhow, just wanted to say that. Word.