Planning a reunion

So, against the advice of my wife, my mom, my kids, my dog, my literary agent and my therapist, I find myself in charge of planning the Mahopac High School Class of 1990 20th reunion for next May.


For those who have never planned a reunion, think long and hard before you decide to do so. On the bright side, you’ll find yourself in touch with people you haven’t thought of since the New Kids on the Block were viably huge. On the down side, well, it’s a time suck. A huge time suck. Tracking down people. Landing a venue. Keeping prices down. I don’t regret the assignment, but it ain’t easy. Why, just last week I sent out e-invitations via, and a huge chunk of people seem to have never received them. Very frustrating.

Just when things were beginning to suck my soul, however, this evening I got some good news. MC White Owl, formerly of the hip-hop group Bad Ronald (see video above; he’s the guy popping out of the garbage can) has signed on to spin the event.

I’ve known Aaron (White Owl) Handelman for many years now—he’s actually the brother in law of our friends from up the street. Amazingly cool guy, amazingly talented musician, amazingly bad luck. Bad Ronald, a four-man group, received significant MTV play for Let’s Begin, toured with Limp Bizkit—then released its debut CD on September 11, 2001. And that was that. Like all other pop items that came out during that time period, the disc vanished quicker than it arrived. Which is sad, because White Owl can really bring it.

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