Facebook pal


There is a guy on Facebook named Billy. He’s from my hometown of Mahopac, and reminds me of the parents of a slew of kids I grew up with. The other day, a friend of mine said, “Did you see what Billy’s been writing on his page?”

Tonight, I looked.

Here’s a sampling …

• Billy says if everyone owns a gun, criminals would no longer have the advantage.

• Billy says ok, gotta go off to mohegan sun to lose money.. better than giving it to oblabla to give to welfare recipients to buy drugs.. wish me luck.

• Billy says i just showered and got dressed.. do i get a nobel peace prize now? (I’ve gotta admit, I laughed at this one)

• Billy says just heard obama cured every known disease

• Billy says so, oblabla got the nobel peace prize? what a joke.. now hes in the ranks of jimmy carter and ass gore… wake up people he is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!

• Billy says loves how the democrapic party is falling apart

• Billy says I love my 4 wheeler.

• Billy says I love how I sees less and less obama stickers on cars, told you all he was a joke!

• Billy says he wishes he grew up in the 50s (To which I responded: ah, good times. When blacks didn’t have equal protections under the laws, gays had to stay in the closet and women never left the home. I can see what you mean.)

• Billy says im gonna call myself out on facebook, im gonna vow to lose 30 pounds.. anyone want to join me?

• Billy says its 7:42 pm and i have nothing on my mind!!

Praise God.