Monday Night Football


Just gone done watching the Jets-Dolphins game on Monday Night Football.



Can someone please explain to me what it is about Ron Jaworski that everyone likes? Seriously. I’m sure he’s a nice man with a big heart and a solid beard. But, dear God, will he please stop talking? Please. He’s not nearly as bad as Jon Gruden, who has about five rotating thoughts to contribute throughout an evening. But he’s really, really, really annoying. Overly excitable. Babbles on and on.

That said, even Jaws doesn’t match my least favorite announcers in the history of humanity—the mind-boiling duo of Chris Berman and Tom Jackson.

As I’ve stated before, Berman is the worst thing to happen to TV since Hrithik Roshan. Thanks to “Boomer,” we have a legion of wanna-bes spewing nicknames left and right, dishing out brainless analysis, thinking they’re the reason people watch the games. That said, Jackson is nearly as bad. I listen to the man speak … watch his facial expressions … and think, “Are you kidding me?” Just bad.