My sister in law Leah threw a fancy party this afternoon. It was in honor of her grandma’s 90th birthday—catered, jacket required, etc.

One couple brought their dog.

The canine’s name was Sophie. Big black poodle. They never leave home without the damn thing. Leah was surprised by Sophie’s presence because, well, she didn’t know until the dog arrived. “She’s very well behaved,” one of the owners said. “A great dog.”

During desert, the owner fed Sophie some chocolate cake of his plate.

Sophie vomited on Leah’s floor.

The kicker: The couple had a driver. They had him come inside and wipe up the dog vomit.

Ah, Sophie …

4 thoughts on “Sophie”

  1. I truly do not understand people who feel the need to bring their dog everywhere. Actually, make that just about anywhere. Dogs should either be at home, in the backyard, or running around a park somewhere. I cannot for the life of me figure out why people take their dogs to stores.

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