Picture of the day


Friend of mine, Mike Benjamin, lives about 60 miles outside of San Francisco. He wrote, “My daughter Allison and I caught our first tarantula of the season. I attached a picture of it for your amusement.”

My thought: Your first? Yikes.

Great picture.

3 thoughts on “Picture of the day”

  1. It makes me a little sad that a three-year-old will get closer to a tarantula than I will. That thing is disgusting, though.

    Awesome picture.

  2. Hold on a sec. I almost moved to San Francisco. I’m also deathly afraid of spiders (maybe not deathly, but signifigantly more than this 5 year old girl). Regardless, there are tarantulas near SF? Are they all over the West Coast? I may have to reconsider this whole potential move…

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