Shockey is a fool


“I saw today that Jeremy Shockey told the New Orleans newspaper that he has a “bitter taste in my mouth,” from his Giants days. “It’s just something that if you cross me once—it’s hard enough to gain my trust as it is—and if you lie to me and if you say something behind closed doors between that person and myself … I needed change in my life.”

I’ve never been a Giants fan, but one has to respect that organization. From top to bottom, class, accountability, decency, success. Shockey, on the other hand, was a buffoon. He played lazily, blocked for s***, dropped too many balls and stayed out way too late. some guys can handle New York—the lights, the ladies, the action, the athletics. Think of Joe Namath. Of Tiki Barber. Of Derek Jeter and Mike Piazza. Shockey, however, could not. He was your typically gifted ballplayer who failed to realize that fame and fortune only come with results.

He was a fraud.

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