True heroes … and great for kiddie parties, too!


A couple of years ago, while going through a particularly biting journalism-sucks phase, I took the test to become a firefighter with our local department. It was truly grueling—as well as sort of intimidating (probably the only time I’ll ever climb up a seven-flight ladder at a 90-degree angle off a truck)—and when the day was done and my shirt was soaked in sweat, I knew this was one dream that was meant to die.

That said, I continue to worship firefighters—true superheroes at a time when we need ’em. Today only added to that praise.

My wife Catherine, being insanely smart, telephoned our local fire department a couple of weeks ago, asking if they’d be willing to bring a truck to my son’s 3rd birthday party. To our mild surprise, they agreed (as long, of course, as there wasn’t an emergency). Well, who shows up at 4:30 this afternoon but an enormous red truck and four of my town’s finest. And there were fantastic. Let Emmett sit in the truck, run the siren, fire the hose down the street. I wish I could post the video here, because it’s adorable. But there are other kids in it, and that wouldn’t be right.

Anyhow, two thoughts:

A. Firefighters rock.

B. If you’re looking to throw an inexpensive kiddie party, you could do much, much worse.