As a parent, this one speaks to me—and also makes me question myself. I curse a lot, but never in front of my kids. I am a hypochondriac, but try not to be in front of my kids. I’m politically angry, but I try and explain what’s going on in the world to my kids without that tone.

However, when my kids make me angry—really angry—I wish I held my tongue better. I don’t curse or degrade. I certainly don’t smack or spank. But I have been known to yell, and later on I almost always think, “Why did you do that? Why?”

3 thoughts on “A GREAT ad”

  1. Because kids are frustrating! It’s hard to be cool, calm, and composed when they get under your skin. Is it the best thing to scream at them? No, but we have all been screamed at by our parents, and we’re all (for the most part) OK…

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