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The Light


I’m not a believer. Well, sometimes I’m a believer. And sometimes I’m not. I know. But I don’t know.

When I say “believer,” I don’t mean in Jesus Christ. With all due respect, I feel extremely confident that the legends set forth by Christianity and Judaism are, more of less, bogus. When I sat in synagogue a few weeks ago, I felt no closer to God—just really, really bored.

So what do I possibly believe in? Well, life after. Some sort of life after. Maybe. Probably not. But maybe.

I guess, as a hypochondriac who always thinks he’s dying, I’m a big fan of hope when it comes to this sort of thing. I love hearing stories of psychics and ghosts and stuff like that. I especially like hearing stories like this, which was reported this afternoon on

To summaraize: Boston woman is driving a school bus when she had a massive heart attack. She goes until full cardiac arrest, stops breathing, etc. Panic all around—save for within. As all hell breaks loose, the woman is watching everything from above. She sees the paramedics … sees herself.  “I floated right out of my body,” she later said. “My body was here, and I just floated away. I looked back at it once, and it was there.

“It was very peaceful and light and beautiful. And I remember like, when you see someone you haven’t seen in a while, you want to hug them, and I remember trying to reach out to my ex-husband, and he would not take my hand. And then they floated away.”

Next, she says, she was overwhelmed by “massive energy, powerful, very powerful energy.”

“When that was happening, there were pictures of my son and my daughter and my granddaughter, and every second, their pictures flashed in my mind, and then I came back.”


I’m not saying the woman isn’t full of s***. Or crazy. Or crazy and full of s***. But there are a lot of eerily similar stories—the floating, the light, etc. Maybe it’s a chemical reaction caused by blah and blah and blah.

But maybe it’s not.

Guess we’ll all find out.