There’s something really sad about this

Eight or nine years ago, when Mike Piazza was still a Met, he ripped into Keith Hernandez after Mex said some particularly harsh things about his old team. I don’t remember Piazza’s words exactly, but they were along the lines of, “After I retire, I hope I don’t come back and feel the need to slam people.”

Enter: John Riggins and his video.

Riggins was a great running back. Brilliant, often. But watching him in the above clip, placed before a pile of wood, snidely ripping Jim Zorn and his old organization … well, it’s sad. And sorta pathetic. It’s akin to when a team is struggling and a bunch of former players make a bid to take over and “bring the pride back.” They believe their own hype, too, only the joke is on them—nobody would seriously consider hiring them for the gig. Just as no one would consider hiring John Riggins.

Truth be told, Jim Zorn looks like a bad hire. He’d never coached, and his team looks listless and hapless. But even if Zorn never wins another game, he’ll never reach the depths of ol’ Riggo.

2 thoughts on “There’s something really sad about this”

  1. i must say that, as a redskins fan, i wholeheartedly disagree. this has been a lost decade since dan snyder has taken over a franchise that normally offered a good product to their fans has slowly and, paradoxically recently, has become horrible to watch.

    over at (no, i don’t work with them and this is not a shameless plug) they have started “the revolution” of fans that will continually support the team but hope to open a dialogue between fans and the owner, which has long been lacking.

    riggins is just saying what many believe and doing it on a more-public forum, due to his famous name. if that’s what it takes to get things turned around, so be it

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