A former NFLer who likes las chicas


Was sitting in a hotel lobby last night with a long-retired NFL player. I had my tape recorder out. He was wearing rolled-up khaki pants and a wrinkled collared shirt. He walked with a limp. I told him I had recently interviewed a former librarian at the college they attended together.

“Oh, is that shit still fine?”

The woman was, unambiguously, unattractive.

Uh, she seemed very nice.

“Nah, man, was that thing still hot and boppin’?”

Are we talking about the same person?

“Yeah, man, yeah. She was ugly as all sin, but she had one knockin’ body.”


Through the course of our interview, the man’s eyes were distracted every, oh, two minutes as women passed us by. They could be short or tall, young or old, black, white, red, purple, bald, stooped, monstrous—whatever the case, he was ogling.

I’m not saying I’ve never caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman. I can’t even say I’ve never done the ol’ head spin. But this was sad. And awkward.

PS: I Googled “ogling” and the above photo came up. Weird. And, I would argue, oddly un-sexy. Way too deliberate.

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