Julia Herz and Miley Cyrus


A few minutes ago I was walking through my house when I looked at a picture I never actually look at. It’s a photograph of Julia Herz, my great grandmother, who died in 1968 and—as a German immigrant to this country—probably spoke about 20 words of English.

I scanned her photo and posted it above, not because I felt a strong desire to tell her story (she helped raise my mother, and was supposedly a very kind woman), but because I just think there’s something crazy (in a Lil Wayne-sitting-next-to-Celine Dion-at-an-award-show sort of way) about posting a photograph of Julia Herz above a blog post featuring Miley Cyrus’ new video …

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  1. That’s an evocative shot. I wish I knew more about any of my European ancestors. My folks just materialized in the backwoods of Tennessee and Alabama, guns a-blazin’, best I can tell.

    Jeff, I had to give up my ancestry.com sub for the recession, but I plan to get it back when times get better. I enjoy helping out with genealogical research when I have time, just as a hobby, so let me know if I can be of service.

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