ESPN has suspended Bob Griese for a week because of an inane taco comment involving a Spanish-speaking NASAC driver named Juan-Pablo Montoya. Florida congressman Alan Grayson, a hero of this blog, is coming under fire for describing a particularly pathetic (female) lobbyist as a “K-Street Whore.”

And I am tired.

Griese made a stupid statement. No question. But is anyone at ESPN truly offended, or even slightly bothered by his words? Or are they merely concerned that so-and-so sponsor or so-and-so group will take offense and start a protest? The answer, sadly, is obvious. Again, Griese is sort of a moron. But on a 1-to-10 offensive scale, this rates about a three. Maybe a four.

As for Grayson, well, bravo. The woman he called a “whore” is Linda Robertson, an aide to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who has done her all to keep the economy in the hands of the rich. These days, “whore” isn’t necessarily a female-only slur. Why, just last week I called my cousin a whore. Not because he sleeps around (he doesn’t). Just because, well, it’s a handy adjective.

Point is, we all need to chill.

3 thoughts on “Language”

  1. While I think Grayson may be enjoying the attention he’s receiving a bit too much, I love the way he deals with outraged calls for apologies, which in effect is, like hell I will. Griese’s comment rates no higher than a two, but ABC/ESPN is frantically trying to restore some standards for conduct right now.

  2. It always cracks me up when ESPN attempts to take the moral high ground when someone speaks improperly on air.

    Even more amusing when it happens a week after the Steve Phillips thing blows up.

    It’s been said that being a lobbyist is akin to being the piano player in a whorehouse.

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