ESPN has suspended Bob Griese for a week because of an inane taco comment involving a Spanish-speaking NASAC driver named Juan-Pablo Montoya. Florida congressman Alan Grayson, a hero of this blog, is coming under fire for describing a particularly pathetic (female) lobbyist as a “K-Street Whore.”

And I am tired.

Griese made a stupid statement. No question. But is anyone at ESPN truly offended, or even slightly bothered by his words? Or are they merely concerned that so-and-so sponsor or so-and-so group will take offense and start a protest? The answer, sadly, is obvious. Again, Griese is sort of a moron. But on a 1-to-10 offensive scale, this rates about a three. Maybe a four.

As for Grayson, well, bravo. The woman he called a “whore” is Linda Robertson, an aide to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who has done her all to keep the economy in the hands of the rich. These days, “whore” isn’t necessarily a female-only slur. Why, just last week I called my cousin a whore. Not because he sleeps around (he doesn’t). Just because, well, it’s a handy adjective.

Point is, we all need to chill.